United airlines can revisit the past thanks to Hanzo Dynamic Capture

Presented by Hanzo and The Association of Certified Ediscovery Specialists (ACEDS)

Benchmarking Collaboration Data: Join us in exploring the groundbreaking Legal Industry Survey on Collaboration Data. This pivotal report, now in its fourth year, sets the benchmark for understanding the integration and impact of collaboration tools in today’s dynamic enterprise environments.

Comprehensive Market Analysis: We’ve meticulously surveyed legal, IT, HR, and enterprise information archiving professionals to gauge their preparedness for responding to litigation, managing investigations, and governing data. Our survey provides a panoramic view of current practices and future readiness in data management.

In-Depth Insights for Professionals: Delve into our extensive analysis covering:

Retention Policies and Preservation Methods: Discover the confidence levels and effectiveness of current processes in the industry.

Scoping Data Collections: Understand how teams are responding to discovery requests and their trust in various collection methods.

Investment Roadmap: Gain insights into the primary concerns and strategic investments of legal professionals regarding collaboration data.

Tailored for Your Success: Whether you’re a legal expert, IT strategist, HR leader, or an eDiscovery professional, our survey findings and benchmark analysis are designed to inform and empower your decision-making.

Download the Report Today: Elevate your knowledge and strategy with our comprehensive report. Be at the forefront of mastering collaboration data and corporate readiness.

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