Hanzo Spotlight AI

AI-powered relevancy assessment. Faster, smarter, eDiscovery.

Revolutionize your legal process.

Take full advantage of AI-powered eDiscovery tools that revolutionize data analysis and transform how you get work done.

Hanzo’s award-winning Spotlight AI is an automated data relevancy engine that helps you and your teams navigate vast datasets with precision, depth, and clarity—for faster, smarter, better-informed decision-making at every step.


Cost efficiency redefined

Slash your early case assessment costs by up to 90%. Spotlight AI accelerates data discovery and investigations by automatically identifying and guiding users to relevant content hidden within volumes of complex data, significantly reducing your production costs. Invest in innovation, not unnecessary expenses.

Security first

Spotlight AI is engineered with a security-first architecture, leveraging IBM Watsonx’s advanced security capabilities and built-in security protocols, including data encryption at rest and in motion, as well as embedded AI at each tenant level, enduring confidentiality, integrity, and security for all customer data.

Transparent AI decision-making

Spotlight AI enables users and teams to grasp the ‘why’ behind data relevance pointing to concise, transparent explanations that bring clarity to data-relevance decisions. The solution transcends traditional keyword-based search by understanding the inherent context of data. This capacity allows users to delve deeper into relevant data and rapidly identify hidden patterns and connections that conventional searches may miss, ensuring they get the data they need.

Accelerate discovery

Cut through the noise, unlock relevant data, and review insights within hours, not weeks, with efficient analysis. Spotlight AI is purposely designed to efficiently process and analyze large datasets, rapidly identifying and elevating the most relevant and important content to the top of your review – even across commonly hard-to-navigate collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. This enables you and your teams to quickly and easily gain insights from complex and dynamic datasets without manually sifting through large volumes of data.

Your workflow, AI-enhanced

Spotlight AI is tailor-made to work with your current workflow, which may incorporate keywords, date filters, or data/channel type culling, as well as collaboration with outside law firms and legal service providers. Traditional techniques are easily layered into the process giving you better flexibility and more importantly, tools to further elevate the most relevant content from your data stack.

Empower your team

Liberate your legal team from the mundane. Spotlight AI reallocates your resources to where they’re needed most, enhancing job satisfaction and allowing your team to focus on work that truly matters. Users don’t waste valuable time wading through complex training to tap into the power of AI-driven data analysis.


Spotlight AI makes eDiscovery faster, smarter, and simply better

Take full advantage of AI-powered eDiscovery that revolutionizes data analysis and transforms the way you work, for good. An optional switch-on element within Hanzo Illuminate, our cutting-edge Spotlight AI is an automated relevancy engine that helps you and your teams navigate vast datasets with precision, depth, and clarity – for faster, smarter, better informed decision-making at every step.

“Hanzo Illuminate with Spotlight AI’s ability to make clear why information is pertinent, coupled with its adeptness at navigating vast collaborative data, helps users pinpoint relevant content quickly and accurately. This sets the standard for how questions of relevance should be addressed in the future. Hanzo is transforming a once arduous manual task into an automated process while addressing a primary concern in ediscovery –  the surging influx from collaborative platforms. Illuminate offers an innovative solution to the crucial job of discerning relevant legal documents efficiently.”

Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of LegalTech Breakthrough Awards.

Spotlight AI redefines data analysis by harnessing sophisticated contextual understanding, enabling the discovery of richer insights. It navigates through complex data landscapes to unearth patterns and connections invisible to standard search techniques, empowering users with actionable intelligence.

Spotlight AI streamlines eDiscovery, quickly surfacing essential content and facilitating faster decision-making. It significantly reduces the resources and time needed, outperforming conventional search methods in speed and efficiency.

Spotlight AI offers unparalleled clarity and transparency, offering comprehensive explanations behind data relevance decisions to ensure alignment with search intent and enhance defensibility.

Spotlight AI offers a seamless experience with intuitive natural language inputs and straightforward relevancy adjustments. This approach democratizes access to complex data analysis, making it attainable for users across all skill levels without requiring extensive training.

Image transforming legal analysis.

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