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What if you Could Make Dramatic eDiscovery Analysis And Review Savings of 90%?

Let’s Talk About Cost… Have you explored the massive difference that AI can make to your eDiscovery efforts yet? You’ll be amazed by the cost-savings it can help you achieve.  Next-generation technology ...

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2024_q2_blog_proportionality survey

Navigating Cost and Proportionality in eDiscovery: A Business Perspective

Introduction In the evolving landscape of digital information, eDiscovery has become an essential aspect of legal processes, serving as a crucial tool for uncovering relevant evidence in litigation. However, with the ...

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What if you Could Transform Your eDiscovery to be 100x Better?

Let’s Talk About Value… Everyone’s talking about the AI revolution. And how fast it’s happening.  Have you discovered yet how you can improve the accuracy of your eDiscovery efforts while also cutting ...

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Harnessing AI in Legal eDiscovery: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction In this concluding post of our series, we explore the burgeoning role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in legal eDiscovery. With global spending on legal AI software tools projected to reach ...

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Part III: Navigating AI Success Metrics – Bringing It All Together

Introduction to mixed data in legal review In Parts I and II, we tackled the basics of applying Recall, Rejection, and Precision in evaluating AI's performance on document and conversational datasets. ...

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Part II: Navigating AI Success Metrics – Understanding Conversational Data

Introduction Welcome to Part II of our series on Navigating AI Success Metrics, where we’ll dive into the nuances of understanding conversational data with AI. After laying the groundwork in Part ...

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Preparing for Tomorrow: Corporate Readiness in the Face of Evolving eDiscovery

Introduction In the seventh post of our series, we explore how enterprises are navigating the ever-changing terrain of eDiscovery. This analysis, grounded in the data from the 2023 Legal Industry Collaboration ...

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What if you Could Slash Early Case Assessment Time by up to 90%?

Let’s Talk About Speed… AI is making a massive difference to eDiscovery and investigations efforts and revolutionizing the way legal and HR teams work.  Is your organization in danger of being ...

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The Future of eDiscovery: Adapting to New Challenges

Introduction As we venture further in our series, this sixth post, titled "The Future of eDiscovery: Adapting to New Challenges," casts a spotlight on a critical shift in the legal discovery ...

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Part I: Navigating AI Success Metrics – Precision and Recall in Email and Document Analysis

Introduction In our first post, we will dive into the world of email datasets. Emails are a critical component of business communication, and AI plays a significant role in managing, sorting, ...

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Collaboration Content: A New Frontier in Legal Discovery

Introduction In this fifth installment of our series on the 2023 Legal Industry Collaboration Data Survey, we turn our focus to a pivotal development transforming the landscape of legal discovery: the ...

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Image of panel of women speakers

Women at the Forefront: Shaping the Future of eDiscovery with AI and Leadership

In an illuminating panel discussion, I had the honor of moderating, titled "Navigating the Future of eDiscovery – Insights from Women Leaders," we delved into how the landscape of eDiscovery ...

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