Hanzo Chronicle

Data compliance. Reimagined.

Best-in-class for complete compliance confidence.

Powered by our proprietary Dynamic Capture Technology, Hanzo Chronicle archives and preserves data that other solutions simply can’t handle – like websites with personalized and interactive components, complex user journeys, and data from internal SaaS systems. 

It enables you and your teams to take advantage of full-context captures, and immutable archives for defensible data preservation and auditing that complies with all SEC/ FINRA, FTC, and FDA regulations.


Capture and preserve all dynamic content

Hanzo Chronicle captures challenging dynamic content that other solutions simply can’t get to grips with. It gives you the power to capture what you want when you want it. And your dynamic capture is preserved in native format on immutable storage for full defensibility under review.

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Search, review, export archived web content

With the intuitive Hanzo viewer, you can review and playback archived web content in its native format. This allows reviewers to engage with the original, contextual experience of your rich and dynamic website and business application content, as presented on the exact date and time of capture.

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Gain peace of mind with secure data archiving

With enterprise-grade controls, Hanzo solutions are SOC2 Type 2 certified and architected to be secure from the ground up. Extend controlled access to users and teams as well as third parties, including regulators, to view particular archives within your Hanzo environment.

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Simplify your compliance workflow

Hanzo Chronicle has dedicated review features to make it easy for compliance professionals to review and flag pages for potential violations. Easily group problematic pages and share them with teammates for further review and action—tracking everything along the way with a complete audit trail.

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Easily organize to keep better records

Now, it’s easy to keep track of every detail during your compliance review process. Folder organization enables you to keep better records to confidently respond to regulatory exams, audits, and business inquiries, knowing that all relevant records decisions are accurately well-documented.

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Automated Dynamic Capture Technology makes compliance easy

Hanzo Chronicle gives you best-in-class enterprise information archiving – with proprietary Dynamic Capture Technology, in the most defensible digital archiving solution. Take advantage of a proven tool to ensure accurate and reliable data preservation, archiving, and auditing across all your online content, communications, and digital marketing.

Dynamic capture for dynamic content

With Hanzo Chronicle, you and your teams can capture challenging content that other solutions simply can’t handle – such as web sliders, videos, dropdowns, ROI calculators, forms, and customized customer journeys. What’s more, your dynamic capture is quality-assured to capture what you intend and is preserved in native format for high-fidelity replay.

Immutable data preservation for defensibility under review

Any dynamic web, SaaS, social media, or customized content you have captured is preserved in WARC file format consistent with ISO 28500 on immutable (WORM) storage. You can ensure documentation of SHA-256 hash values, and also serialize and time-date records.

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Why choose Hanzo Chronicle?

Single solution stores native (live functionality) playback of your site, complete with time stamps to ensure authentic and verifiable records.

Quickly generate PDF reports and audit logs during or after a review, showing which pages have passed or failed.

Gain the power to search text or metadata (such as starting URL / referrer URL), particular dates, or date ranges. Search a single archive or search across all archived sites simultaneously.

Chronicle offers an advanced web crawler that automatically discovers and captures new pages effortlessly, eliminating the need for a site map.

Proactive alerts identify risks and non-compliant material on your site, enabling rapid remediation.

Client stories

"Prior to Hanzo, the process in which we met compliance requirements was archaic, manual, and very laborious, resulting in a screenshot archive of the entire Web page as a static capture. Now, with Hanzo, all of the web pages are automatically archived, and Hanzo's viewing tool allows us to navigate through the archive as if it's a live web page. That's a definite enhancement."

Vice President of Digital Technology at Top U.S. Financial Services Company


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