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At Hanzo, we’re all about data discovery with a difference. We help you and your teams focus on what matters most. At any time. All the time.



What if we could help you scan the horizon and get ahead of legal challenges before they become a problem?

We’ll help you embrace exciting and powerful process modernization tools to enable an evolutionary shift that joins previously hidden points of information to deliver eye-opening strategic insights and substantial time/cost savings.



What if we could provide expert-yet-practical insights and guidance on how to automate and modernize in the most effective way – to typically reduce review time by 85%?

We blend a ‘can do’ attitude and ability to work at unprecedented scale across ever-increasing data streams with a partnership approach to deliver not just what you need today – but a clear roadmap to tomorrow as well.



What if we could give you future confidence with a clear roadmap for how best to implement and use AI to drive value across your business?

With our rock-solid reputation and deep data science expertise, you can depend on us to offer best-of-breed technology, responsive development and world-class data security – topped with customer service that’s second to none.

We deliver next-level data navigation and the focused insights and intelligence you need to build a better business.


Effective insights.
Invaluable intelligence.

Our trusted solutions and support help make in-depth data discovery easier for you and your teams.

Take a proactive stance stance on strategic data security challenges to get ahead of litigation matters, while also taking advantage of significant savings on the time, effort, and cost associated with eDiscovery – Hanzo clients typically reduce review time by 85%.

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AI roadmap:
Clarity and future confidence

Everyone knows AI and automation is the way forward in eDiscovery. But deciding how and where to take advantage of emerging technology (and how to get the most out of your investment) is another matter entirely.

We’ll work in trusted partnership with you, providing expert-yet-always-practical insights and guidance on how to automate and modernize in an optimally effective way. Plus give you the confidence of a clear roadmap for how best to implement and use AI to drive value across your business.

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With deep data science and technology expertise, a well-respected team and a ‘different-thinking’ approach, we’re a small company doing big and impressive things.

Working with and for some of the world’s largest organizations, we’ve earned an enviable reputation for reimagining the way eDiscovery works – and delivering transformational results for our clients.

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We connect the dots that aren’t even on your radar to deliver future-focused insights and heads-up intelligence that helps you see what’s really happening in your data – for a proactive approach to risk mitigation and business protection. All while saving you 85% of the time, effort, and costs typically associated with eDiscovery.

Discover the tools that can transform the way you and your legal teams operate, as you manage risk everywhere work is done:

Dynamic data management.

Efficiently and defensibly preserve in place, collect, investigate, cull, and export dynamic data – even from hard-to-navigate collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Cutting-edge Spotlight AI helps you navigate vast datasets with precision, depth, and clarity – for informed decision-making at every step.

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Hanzo Illuminate

Hanzo Chronicle

Data compliance.

We deliver best-in-class enterprise information archiving, with automated dynamic web capture that makes compliance easy. Take advantage of a proven tool to ensure defensible data preservation, archiving, and auditing around your online content, communications, and digital marketing.

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Fortune 500 companies trust Hanzo to help discover and deliver the data they need for investigations, litigation, and compliance. Book a demo today to learn why.

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