About us

We are the
data navigators

We are born explorers.
We know that every idea counts and that by always looking further, digging deeper and asking ‘What if?’, we’re bettering ourselves, our team outputs and our company’s reputation – as well as helping you protect yours.

Our vision:
To revolutionize the way eDiscovery works by providing organizations with a single source of truth across their data.

Who are we and what do we do?

Hanzo is a small technology company doing big and brilliant things. A trusted data intelligence partner for our clients, we deliver heads-up data insights and intelligence that helps you get ahead of litigation, make faster decisions and better mitigate risk. All while modernizing and automating your core business processes.

What inspires us as individuals?

We’re always exploring and ever-curious. Proven data pioneers, we’re always looking for new ways to use our deep expertise and game-changing technology to help transform the way enterprises work – whatever the specific strategic or operational challenges you bring to us.

What makes Hanzo different?

With one foot firmly in the future and a mindset that’s rooted in reality, we’re known for offering smart data insights, practical advice and valued collaboration that takes our clients to the next level. We’re excited by the potential we can uncover for you and by our ability to make a real and tangible difference to your business. We’ll work closely with you to show you how best to use our revolutionary technology – and offer a clear roadmap for confident implementation of AI-driven innovation.

Our technology approach sets us apart.
With a focus on innovation, down-to-earth delivery and pioneering AI integrations, we enable rapid data discovery at any scale, plus heads-up insights on potential risks.

Smarter decision-making. Meaningful risk mitigation.

Partnering with Hanzo puts you on the front foot around risk mitigation and data security, giving you future-focused insights and heads-up intelligence on relevant risks and trends – while rapidly reducing time to decision in litigation matters. Together, our innovation, proven expertise, and invaluable support will make a tangible difference to the way you and your legal teams work.

Transforming eDiscovery efficiency with better, faster, smarter solutions

Hanzo reduces data discovery efforts in a smart, streamlined, secure way – delivering significant time/cost savings and cutting decision-making time from weeks to days. Our simple-to-use, scalable software cuts through data complexity, giving your teams easy access to reliable enterprise-wide information capture – for fast, accurate, and defensible data collection at all times.

Welcome to the world of ‘What if…?’
We leverage deep expertise in dynamic data to help you manage tomorrow’s enterprise data challenges today.

We leverage deep expertise in dynamic data to help you manage tomorrow’s enterprise data challenges today.

We’re a team of hugely experienced data and technology experts, who can help you always be prepared for what’s next.

We love doing things differently and are always thinking about new ways to deliver smart, streamlined insights and intelligence that makes a tangible difference to your business.

Born problem solvers, we thrive on tackling (and solving) digital discovery, data security and strategic challenges that others shy away from. We’ll unlock new value and give you all the clarity and future confidence you’re looking for – all while reducing your data discovery efforts and associated decision-making time from weeks to days.

We’re better together
When everyone belongs and their voices are heard, we can collaborate, innovate and achieve our common purpose.

The Hanzo culture is built around a fundamental (and shared) belief in the transformative power of collaboration.

We know our ethos of innovation and achieving a common purpose is further enhanced by having diverse perspectives, and respectful and frank discussions. As individuals and as a team, we care for one another and for the respective communities in which we live and belong.

This inherently inclusive and equitable approach is core to how we live our company values of trust, transparency, and teamwork.

Hanzo Helps
We nurture a culture of volunteering, regularly dedicating time and resources to help and invest in our communities.

Our Hanzo Helps initiative was developed to give back to and support the communities where we work and live.

We’re strong advocates of social responsibility and firmly believe that businesses have a duty to act in the best interests of the environment and society as a whole.

At Hanzo, our team incorporates giving as part of our sustainable business charter.

Because we believe our investment in giving should reflect the needs of the communities we serve, we focus our charitable giving and volunteering activities within our local communities.

Meet the team

Julien Masanes
CEO & Founder

Don Terry

Robert Hirst

Dave Ruel
VP of Product

Mariana Rosario
Director of Sales

Evan Gumz
Director of Account Management

Sarena Regazzoni
Senior Director of Communications

Client Stories

"As an innovative strategic partner, Hanzo provides us with a scalable and intelligent collection solution for our legal matters and investigations. Their world-class customer success team has given us great responsive support."

Christopher Starr, Associate Vice President, Information Governance and eDiscovery at Comcast Corporation