Hanzo Collaboration Data Snapshot Survey Results from CLOC

23 May 2023

Once again, the CLOC Global Institute (CGI) has come and gone. But while we were there, Hanzo took a quick snapshot survey of Legal Operations professionals to gain insights into how people are using collaboration data and how it’s affecting in-house legal departments. 

Here’s a recap of what we learned, along with an infographic of the results.

Collaboration Tools

Microsoft Teams continues to dominate other collaboration apps in the enterprise space.

Data Retention Policies

There is quite a bit of variance in the data retention arena, with 30% hanging onto their data forever, 60% dumping it after a year, and no one flirting with the ephemeral and deleting it after only 24 hours.

Preservation Methods

Preservation strategies were fairly evenly matched between preserving in place, using built-in ediscovery tools, and third-party vendor solutions. It was good to see no one is relying on screenshots for preservation.

Biggest Challenges

Searching and scoping large volumes of collaboration data continues to be the number one challenge legal teams are facing.