Illuminate Slack

Purpose-built Discovery
For enterprise collaboration

Enterprise-grade Slack data management for discovery and governance.

Corporations worldwide have adopted Slack as a digital HQ that powers collaboration, connects teams, and scales employee productivity. Hanzo Illuminate empowers organizations to manage data risk efficiently. Legal teams
can apply legal holds and efficiently preserve, collect, and assess Slack data for ediscovery and investigations.


End-to-end data capture, intelligence and protection

From start to finish, Hanzo’s advanced technology and expert support helps you defensibly capture collaboration data, rapidly understand the relevancy of any given information to a matter, limit data volumes, and identify risky content within your enterprise – to optimize your operations and protect your business in the best possible way.

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Preserve and collect data everywhere work is done

The average enterprise uses nearly 300 separate SaaS apps across its operations, with the average employee accessing 10 different apps to collaborate and communicate daily. Hanzo Illuminate defensibly preserves and collects enterprise data wherever work gets done – including across hard-to-navigate collaboration apps like Slack, Google,  Microsoft Teams, Atlassian, cloud-based SaaS apps, and internal systems.

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Collect exactly what you need and nothing more

Precisely control eDiscovery processes and respond effortlessly to eDiscovery and audit requests, internal investigations, or HR-related matters. Hanzo Illuminate gives you and your legal teams easy access to robust search, AI-powered data visualizations, and intelligence, so you can quickly uncover the data insights you need and produce relevant information in
ready-to-go formats.

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Scope + Preserve with Dynamic Mapping

Our Dynamic Mapping technology allows you and your teams to manage the precise preservation of data. Our intuitive and easy-to-use interface puts you in complete control of your legal hold matters.

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Easy Audit and Early Case Assessment

Hanzo Illuminate gives you complete visibility within matters and provides necessary auditing and reporting information everywhere. Meanwhile, advanced text and metadata search enables you to conduct rapid analysis and early case assessment (ECA) of preserved data. You can narrow search results and visualize hot spots to quickly gain insights to determine relevance.

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Tag + Cull to better control data volumes

You can use built-in functionality within Hanzo Illuminate to easily tag responsive data for export and/or further review and to cull irrelevant information. This significantly reduces the volume of data that you need to send out for costly review.

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Report + Export for easy review

Now you can easily report on key metadata, channel, and custodian information. Efficiently package and move data directly from Hanzo Illuminate into the review platform of your choice, to share with your legal or internal investigation teams.

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Gain peace of mind with secure data archiving

With enterprise-grade controls, Hanzo solutions are SOC2 Type 2 certified and architected to be secure from the ground up. Extend controlled access to users and teams as well as third parties

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Why choose Hanzo Illuminate for Slack?

Don’t copy and paste your entire Slack database for preservation. Instead, dynamically map your Slack ecosystem to understand channels and custodian relationships so you can precisely scope only those channels or conversations relevant to your matter or investigation. Hanzo also enables in-place preservation of Slack for Enterprise Grid customers.

Save time when creating and managing a matter, adding or removing custodians to a hold, and orchestrating actions across all relevant data sources from a single point.

Slack data is characteristically voluminous and complex. Hanzo is an industry pioneer who has been through the tough lessons and understands the Slack ediscovery issues enterprises face.

Assess and analyze information in context to reduce the reviewable data set, flag data for export, identify additional custodians, or pursue internal investigations. Hanzo’s powerful Visual Analyzer makes quick work of analyzing search results with innovative summary displays.

Hanzo can identify message content containing PII, PCI, PHI, trade secrets, and toxic language. Understanding Slack message content allows internal investigation teams or IT departments to quickly locate sensitive information and uncover unwanted workplace behavior.