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Updated: March 2024
Entity NameLocationPurposeProduct
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)US Domestic Data CentersHosting InfrastructureHanzo Illuminate
Amazon Web Services (AWS)US Domestic Data CentersHosting InfrastructureHanzo Chronicle
ElasticSearchUS Domestic Data CentersSearch and Analytics EngineHanzo Illuminate
New RelicUS Domestic Data CentersPerformance and Availability MonitoringHanzo Chronicle
DoIT InternationalUS / UKCloud ConsultingHanzo Chronicle & Hanzo Illuminate
Auth0US Domestic Data CentersAuthentication ProviderHanzo Illuminate
BugsnagUS Domestic Data CentersError trackingHanzo Chronicle & Hanzo Illuminate
AtlassianUS Domestic Data CentersSupport ticket systemHanzo Chronicle & Hanzo Illuminate