Thanksgiving Ode to Spotlight AI

22 November 2023

Recently, the team at Hanzo announced Spotlight AI, the first automated relevance assessment engine for eDiscovery. We’re delighted by its reception. Hanzo even won an award. As Thanksgiving approaches, we extend our warmest wishes to everyone celebrating this special occasion. May your day be filled with joy, surrounded by family and friends. In the spirit of gratitude and innovation, we present to you an “Ode to Spotlight AI.” We hope this poem captures the essence of our excitement and the significant advantages we believe Spotlight AI will bring to the legal industry. Enjoy!

Ode to Spotlight AI

In the legal world, where data sprawls wide and far,
A beacon shines bright, a technological star.
“Spotlight AI,” whispers the autumn breeze,
Transforming eDiscovery with remarkable ease.

Thankful we stand, for the Gen AI’s might,
Sifting through data, from morning till night.
It’s a feature of Illuminate, a marvel to behold,
Finds needles in haystacks, and turns dross into gold.

Gone are the days of manual review,
Weeks into hours, it magically brews.
Complex, unstructured data, once a daunting sea,
Now parsed in moments, as simple as can be.

In the realm of law, where security reigns supreme,
Spotlight AI stands guard, a robust, silent dream.
With IBM Watsonx’s prowess, encryption at its core,
Confidentiality and integrity, we couldn’t ask for more.

Transparency, not a black box, it proudly claims,
Each decision tagged, no room for games.
Control in our hands, with free-form input sway,
Trust and clarity in decisions, lighting our way.

Practicality, its banner, in challenges diverse,
From eDiscovery puzzles to HR’s terse.
Accessible, user-friendly, no need for arcane art,
Real-world solutions, it does impart.

In a data-driven epoch, decisions so key,
Spotlight AI guides us, sets our insights free.
From litigation strategy to HR’s rapid response,
It navigates data oceans, with precision, at once.

Beyond mere keywords, it understands context,
Unveiling patterns hidden, complex and perplex.
The “why” behind relevance, now crystal clear,
Aligning with intent, bringing truth near.

No need for complex training; natural language it heeds,
Refining data with ease, fulfilling our needs.
From vast collaborative sources, it draws insight,
Turning daunting tasks to simplicity, bright.

Optimizing eDiscovery, efficiency at its best,
Pinpointing crucial content, ignoring the rest.
HR and investigations, now less of a chore,
Precision and promptness, who could ask for more?

So this Thanksgiving, as we gather and reflect,
For Spotlight AI, our profound respect.
In the world of legal trials, a game-changing ally,
For this, we give thanks, under the November sky.