What if you Could Make Dramatic eDiscovery Analysis And Review Savings of 90%?

14 May 2024

Let’s Talk About Cost…

Have you explored the massive difference that AI can make to your eDiscovery efforts yet? You’ll be amazed by the cost-savings it can help you achieve. 

Next-generation technology has the power to not only accelerate the review process for legal teams, but also significantly reduce your production costs.

It’s the best of both worlds. And it can help your organization embrace a better way of working…

Operating at the heart of the dynamic world of AI and data risk management, Hanzo is a pioneering technology partner that can help you make substantial savings on the cost of eDiscovery analysis and review. 

In our industry, precise investigations are often the only difference between success and billion-dollar litigation expenses. 

So while you’re busy protecting your organization against expensive legal actions costs, why not also look to reap the rewards of significant cost-savings on optimized ediscovery analysis and review?

Our powerful AI technology can help you achieve all the accuracy you need, without sacrificing security. And all for a fraction of the cost you’d ordinarily be looking at for your legal teams to flex their expertise. 

Interested in taking a closer look at how those costs – and savings – stack up?

We Guarantee 10x Lower Costs

Deploy our game-changing (and award-winning) Spotlight AI technology and we’re happy to guarantee 10x lower costs – whatever your caseload.

Hanzo Spotlight AI is powered by proven technology that significantly reduces the cost of eDiscovery. And that’s a fact. It can help you save money across the full breadth of your legal discovery process, both in terms of third-party fees and the inherent costs associated with internal time.

Task Spotlight AI with your eDiscovery analysis and review activity and you’ll be able to use resources in an optimally efficient way, narrowing the focus of your teams to only relevant data for more effective eyes-on reviews – to realize further savings.

Our clients typically cut eDiscovery analysis and review costs by 90%, and also enjoy equally impressive, all-round productivity gains:

  • Rapidly identify relevant data during ediscovery analysis and review, saving time. Time is money!
  • Benefit from using your legal teams in a more productive way
  • Drastically narrow the scope of data for eyes-on reviews, further saving costs

Invest in Innovation, not Unnecessary Expenses

At Hanzo, we’re here to help you and your teams transition to AI with complete confidence.