What if you Could Slash Early Case Assessment Time by up to 90%?

9 April 2024

Let’s Talk About Speed… AI is making a massive difference to eDiscovery and investigations efforts and revolutionizing the way legal and HR teams work. 

Is your organization in danger of being left behind? 

In the dynamic world of AI and data risk management, Hanzo is a pioneering technology partner that can help your organization save significant amounts of time on early case assessment (ECA) – and the associated costs of that too. 

We operate at the heart of an industry where precision can mean the difference between success and billion-dollar litigation expenses. 

Powerful AI technology can help you achieve all the accuracy you need without sacrificing security. And all in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily take your legal teams to identify risk and do early case assessment. So, isn’t it time you took a closer look at all the potential benefits for your business?

We Guarantee 10x Greater Speed

Deploy our game-changing (and award-winning) Spotlight AI technology, and we’re happy to guarantee 10x greater speed – whatever your caseload.

Hanzo Spotlight AI is powered by proven technology that rapidly increases the speed of early case assessment. It can help you transform your legal discovery process with rapid, actionable insights that empower your internal investigations – for unparalleled response time.

Put Spotlight AI to work for your business and you can expect it to swiftly cut through the noise and identify relevant data in 10 hours instead of 10 days.

Our clients typically cut early case assessment time by up to 90%, with huge productivity gains all around:

  • Saving hours of effort
  • Improving the time to identify risk
  • Gain insights that lower the risk and cost

Accelerate Time to Decision With Optimal Precision

At Hanzo, we’re committed to helping you and your teams transition to AI with complete confidence.

Our solution has been rigorously tested and validated. Now, we’d like to invite you to join the ranks of satisfied clients who have successfully transformed their legal discovery capabilities.

What additional benefits can you expect Spotlight AI to bring to your business? Let’s take a closer look at that…

In addition to drastically reducing the time your legal teams spend on early case assessment, our industry-leading technology can help you to:

  • Avoid consequences by better controlling your risk
  • Enhance decision-making for quicker visibility of scale and cost
  • Improve speed to action for faster case resolution
  • Become more competitive and strategic in all of your case management

Experience Data Discovery With a Difference

At Hanzo, our friendly experts are here to give you all the expertise and confidence you need to unlock the value of AI-powered eDiscovery. 

Unlike other tech providers, we’re happy to talk openly about time- and cost-savings from Day One. 

Why? Because we know the value our intuitive technology can deliver and how it can help you drive phenomenal returns from your early case assessment.

Want cost-savings as well?

Next time, we’ll focus on how you can use Spotlight AI to specifically benefit from 10x lower costs…