What if you Could Transform Your eDiscovery to be 100x Better?

30 April 2024

Let’s Talk About Value…

Everyone’s talking about the AI revolution. And how fast it’s happening. 

Have you discovered yet how you can improve the accuracy of your eDiscovery efforts while also cutting early case assessment time and costs?

Don’t get left behind! Doing so will quickly put your business at a distinct disadvantage – and potentially expose you to the risk of eye-watering (and avoidable) litigation expenses.

In the dynamic world of AI and data risk management, Hanzo is a pioneering technology partner that’s showing Fortune 500 companies the world over the way forward.

A way that delivers 10x greater speed, 10x less cost, and 100x better value.

We can help your organization drastically decrease the time your legal teams spend on early case assessment  – and the related costs of that, too. 

At Hanzo, we love nothing more than delivering truly remarkable time and cost savings while also helping to empower teams, improving both job satisfaction and corporate success.

What if you could take advantage of innovation that gives you the edge?

Everyone knows AI, and automation is the way forward in eDiscovery. But deciding how and where to take advantage of emerging technology (and how to get the most out of your investment) is another matter entirely.

We’ll work in trusted partnership with you, providing expert-yet-always-practical insights and guidance on how to automate and modernize in an optimally effective way. 

Our powerful AI technology helps liberate your legal teams from the mundane. You’ll be able to reallocate resources to where they’re needed most and allow your teams to focus their efforts on work that really matters. Empowering them to handle higher-value, more rewarding work increases their contribution to your company’s success while revolutionizing their workflows and dynamics – resulting in positive outcomes for everyone.

Even better still, you and your teams can achieve all the accuracy you need in eDiscovery processes without sacrificing security. And all in a fraction of the time it would ordinarily take to identify risk and make first-pass review decisions. 

We Guarantee 10x Greater Speed, 10x Lower Cost, 100x Better Value

Deploy our game-changing (and award-winning) Spotlight AI technology, and we’re happy to guarantee 10x greater speed and 10x lower cost for 100x better value – whatever your caseload.

Powered by proven technology, Hanzo Spotlight AI rapidly decreases the speed of eDiscovery while also delivering substantial cost savings. 

Our clients typically reduce early case assessment time by up to 90% and slash related costs by 90% – for huge efficiency gains all around:

  • Save hours of effort on early case assessment
  • Accelerate time to decision without sacrificing accuracy
  • Significantly reduce eDiscovery legal fees and production costs
  • Free up teams to focus on higher-value, more rewarding work

Want to Reduce Time and Slash Costs While Also Minimizing Risk?

We know you do! At Hanzo, we understand the importance of risk mitigation. It’s why we always focus on security, accuracy, and proven efficacy – everything we do is driven by these inherent principles.

It means we’re able to deliver AI technology that helps you achieve a strategic competitive advantage with minimal risk. Committed to your success, we have the people and roadmap to deliver incredible value at every step. 

We’re all about helping you and your teams transition to AI with complete confidence. And we’re here to help you achieve amazing results – whenever you’re ready…

Our solution has been rigorously tested and validated. So now, we’d like to invite you to embark on a journey with Hanzo’s Spotlight AI to successfully transform your early case assessment, making your edisicovery and investigations more efficient and cost-effective.

Experience Data Discovery With a Difference

Our friendly experts are here to give you all the expertise and confidence you need to unlock the value of AI-powered eDiscovery. 

Unlike other tech providers, we’re happy to talk openly about time- and cost-savings from Day One. 

Why? Because we know the value our intuitive technology can deliver and how it can help you drive phenomenal returns from your first-pass review efforts.

We invite you to explore guaranteed performance and cost efficiencies – and a better way of working:

10x greater speed. 10x less cost. 100x better value. All locked in, and with clear ROI for you too.